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Under My Skin

About Me


Hey everyone!! This is my amazing site  theres lots of awesome pictures.  There has been so many memories over the years and lots of pictures to show.  Centennial Park is the best place in the world my trailer park, Kirkfiled Crew you are amazing and i love you!!!

This is me and my two best friends Kandi Lynn Hynes Jayme Megan Best and me Jennifer Gwen Thomas, in kandi's trailer drinking BudwEiseR yeh baby!!! The best Beer Ever!!..That night was amazing we were so Hammered !!! I had so much fun that night you guys rock so much!!! To many memories..........


KirkField CreW - 
JAYME - Aha jay you r such a joker!..We have known eachother since we were like 5 years old, we have to many years together partying!...The time in the woods where we couldnt even see where we were walking..The time we went to the cottage party lol...Hot tubbing!...that was halirous...Dan and Davids hunting time even tho that was a while ago i will never forget...Camping out on the island..well I didnt really get to stay cuz i got in shit by was still funny...You are a true friend and i kno ull always be there for me and thats why I love you with all my heart!!!.......
MANDI-" oh my god" You are the best person in the world!!...I love you so much !!!!!! make everyone laugh so much and you can cheer me up when im down..I've had so many memories with you " Im so happy na da ah AHH AHH "  "I bet im higher down here than u are up there" Horse back riding ahah Scary are the nicest greatest Funnest Person ever!!..I miss you like crazy i cant wait to see you babes!!..You rock Luv yu LONG time.......
KANDI- Now you were my first friend, known you since i was 4 and you were 3...I walked in your had no idea who i was and i scared the shit outta've had alot of memories together "SeaDooing" We ROCK..although i havent seen you in a while"Ring Of  Fire"ahah that night was CRAZY!!no other way to put it ..I miss you babes Lots of luvs!!....
TJ - TJJJJJJJJJJJ...........ahah...This summer has had to be the best one with you..because I actually got to know you a lil better..we used to hate eachother..we've known eachother for sooo long but we werent that close...I got to know you alot more this summer and your awesome we partyed alot...Hot boxing ur car...Partying at your house...that party was so much fun...I'll never forget it...Seadooing..We have to keep partying this summer.. Cant wait till the trailer opens...You rock!........Lots of luvs
BRITNEY - Britt you are so GOREGOUS...your the nicest person ever...This summer i actually got to know you aswell  as your brother...Your b-day was the best ever.. we ran in our bras to that chicks house screaming our heads off  lol she wasnt home so i opened the door to the house and the dog was like barking at us ahah that was halirous then that night down at the lake drinking with all those cottagers....the night you made out with my think...Cant wait to see you in the summer..Lots of Luvs!!
ANDREW-  Oh wow!!...Now this summer has been a lil crazzzyy....That night with kandi was n kandi played ring of fire all night .... I kno ull never EVER forget that night...than puking in Kandi's trailer kinda ruined the night yeh i had Corn SO WAT?
DONOVAN - haha..your great .. U were'nt up that much this summer..but when you were boy were you drunk!..The night of the dance at the trailer..was amazing lol..You danced with me once and u couldnt even keep urself up i had to hold you up!..aha and u dont even member that dance..that rly hurts! You are such an awesome person to hang out with need to come up north alot more this year and bring your gf! i wanna meet her
MATTHEW - You are the biggest pot head I know, greatest beat boxer and an okay friend..lmao..your so jks to be with ..snowboarding was great ...going to blue mountain is gunna be fukn awesome!Lots of LUVS

And to everyone else that goes up north...Rory, Eric,  Megan,  Grant, Tyler to anyone im missing and to the people who used to go there Cory, Joe, Gearld, Paul, John I miss you ALL!!

Michelle  I LOVE YOU .......YOUR SO FUN TO BE WITH!!

My move to Oshawa was the best experience ever!!! 1460 Outlet Drive...I cant explain how much fun I had there...It has had to be the best place i ever lived...I partyed sooo much i met so many amazing people...I wish i could move back there...Everyone that i met you all rock!..katie, megan, Sam , Toni, Chantel, Ed and everyone you introduced me many ppl ..I had great times...Drinking with Ed Megan Katie Jon Brigette..that saturday was so much Cant even member half the night but it was still great!...Me and Katie peeing at the side of the school..lmao...New years Eve...At Aurthers and liz's was great..that was an awesome party..
TONI - you are the funnest BLONDE! that I know...when we first met we clicked so well..we became best friends the first week..I cannot stop laughing with you...Drinking at ur fun but You and my brother in ur cool!!...we had some pretty good times.....Your a crazy driver run way to may red lights and U did hit a car one time that was scary have to stay in touch...
MEGAN -  Now you are the NICEST  person I are so friendly and im glad i met you .. When i moved to Oshawa you took me out with a bunch of girls..we went to that football and stoped for ice cream on the way ....i had alot of fun there we talked about guys drinking with you that sat..was so much fun!!..Happy b-day on Friday if i dont talk to you..I miss you alot ..your the greatest  I cant wait to see you again....Luv YA!!
TOM - I dont know you that well but ur awesome..i had fun on new years with you and guys are a great couple congrats to ur 6 Month..stay in touch
JESSICA - Jess i met you on new years eve, your so cool and gorgeous!!..I had fun partying with you..we have to chill alot more and make some more memories..!!You Rock..
KATIE- Im so glad you started talking to me in gym class and switched to gym with me, you introduced me to a bunch of people, I had alot of fun with you...Going to in line for like three hours and not getting in..meeting those then you fighting with Crazy ass night , it was fun tho..
KYLE - I havent hung out with you that much but from talking to you on msn I found out your an awesome guy and we definatley have to chill sometime!!

Everyone in Scarborough I havent forgotton about you guys
Bryanna - I LOVE YOU ...we always laugh so much when we are together..OMG we've had the best memories i met you in grade 7 and we became best friends right away you are SOOO GOREGOUS ..i miss you like crazy we have to get together again babes gimme a call!!
Iesha - AHha I miss you alot i havent tlk to you in a while ..we have to get together i miss you babes luv ya
Jessica - Long time no tlk but we've had some good times in grade 7,8,9 i miss you call me sometime Lots of luvs!
Claire - YOU CRAZY GERMAN !!! i love you man your the craziest party GIRL ever!!! had a great summer partying with Adien and Patrick ...Going to Wonderland omg i miss you sooooooooooooooooooo MUCH ..We have to get together again ..luv you alot CALL ME WHORE!
Jesse - YOU ROCK and so does Metallica! lololol...We have to chill again i love you man you rock tell your bro i said wats up!! 
Jo - Im glad i met you in grade 10 your an awesome person !!! Give me a call sometime
Randi - lol your fukn hailrous!
Amber lynn
Everyone else in Scarborough I miss you !!!!!!!!!!!