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Under My Skin

About Me

About Me

Hey everyone if you don't already know me that much, then heres a bit about me!I have two brothers Josh and John and one sister Jacinda who i love so much!!your beuatifull love you!....I love to PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......haha my hobbies are singing, playing guitar(whoa i can actually say that now!), going on the comp im an internet FREAK, i love seadooing, going to my trailer, listening to music I cant live without it, chillen with friends, crusin shit like that!


I am in love with Ashton Kutcher he is the sexxiest person ALIVE no one is hotter than he is!

Some of my favourite bands are Metallica!!!! Alexisonfire!!!! Areosmith!!! Nirvana !!!! Evanscence Avril Lavigne(Shes Hott)..Shes not a poser she is ORGINAL! 

Some other good bands are Trapt, system of a down, Theory of a deadman, blink 182 (Tom is SeXXIe), Sum 41, guns n roses, Red hot chilli peppers, pink floyd, led zepplin, rob zombie, marilyn manson...the list goes on..........